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M Hair & Co has been at the forefront of the Hairdressing Industry in Queensland for over twenty years.


Originally established as US Hair Care, we have always been dedicated to creating beautiful hair and delivering exceptional customer service.


Our team pride themselves on their knowledge, skill and passion of the industry. We constantly attend seminars and workshops, so we are always able to offer the highest standard of work to our clients.


Our team is truly family orientated. From the moment you enter our doors, you too will become part of our family.


We are a bright, enthusiastic team who are always ready to create something specifically for you.


We appreciate all of our wonderful clients.


We thank you for allowing us to dream, create and work in a field that is our passion.


Without your wonderful faces coming into the salon, we wouldn't be able to do what we love. We love making you feel beautiful and we appreciate that smile on your face when you leave our space immensely.


It truly melts our hearts, to see your inner light shine when you are feeling beautiful and effortlessly you.


Your hair is such a defining part of your character and we are blessed to create the hair you dream of.


You are all beautiful and we hope you smile throughout out all the days after you leave the salon!

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